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Homemade Dog Training Treats, Liver Cake

At Pooches Paws we believe in giving your dog the best, That's where our homemade liver cake comes in, recall or perfect heelwork become a doddle with a bit of livercake in your pocket. Small and easily transportable it’s also super smelly and extremely tasty to the dog so will gain their attention very quickly compared to any other normal dog treat. Containing just 5 ingredients, with no added salt, sugar, colouring or preservatives, You have the peace of mind of knowing what exactly goes into these treats will be easy digestible for your dog.

We offer our homemade liver cake to all new and existing customers at great prices, you can use them for training or If your dog just loves them as a treat, they will be sure to enjoy them.

£1.00 - 100g bag of pre diced liver cake. Ready to be used right away.

£4.50 - 500g slice, this is perfect for freezing, just defrost and cut up whenever you need it, Ideal for multi dog households.

£6.00 - 1kg cake, comes as a full cake for you to slice up as you wish.

Liver cake can be purchased directly from us at any time, all dog training sessions will have the option to buy any at the start of the lesson but it is normally advised to order in advance to guarantee we have some in stock. We can also arrange for local delivery from Peacehaven or Worthing. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

As our livercake does not contain any preservatives, please note that it will only last for up to 5 days. This is why we highly recommend buying slices or a full cake as it can last for up to 6 months in the freezer, just defrost what you need ready for when you need it.