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Pet sitting

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Day Visits for Dogs

We also provide day visits starting from £7 per visit in a day, Discounts for more than one visit in a day available. Additional £2.00 per animal however multiple pet discount also available for 2 or more pets. (Ideal for garden breaks, especially for puppies and elderly dogs). This service includes up to 30 minutes of love and cuddles for your pets to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. We can also administer any medication at no extra cost and bring in any post at your front door. After each visit made we will ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water and settled down for the rest of the day.

If you would like more than 30 minutes, from just £10 per visit in a day gets your pooch the same as above but with it lasting up to 1 hour, so more time for us to fuss over your dog, including a little walk and making sure he is comfortable before we leave.

Cat and Small Animal Feeding/Visits

1 visit per day for £7.00  (For up to 4 pets in the same household)

2 visits per day for only £13.00

Please add on £1.50 to the standard charge for each additional pet in the same household if more than 4. This service is up to 30 minutes where we prepare your pets food, change their water bowls, clean out litter trays or cages, health checks are also given and general cleaning of the areas used, but most importantly time to fuss over your pets with love and cuddles. A free consultation meeting is available to discuss your needs in more detail and finalize your booking.

We also provide an extra service where your caged pets can stay with us from £4.00 per day depending on cage size. Perfect for animals who need daily exercise and handling outside their cage.

Public holidays are subject to an extra charge and MUST be booked in advance.